How do I book a date?

To book a date with D&K Photo Booth, you'll first want to check if the date is available for your event or occasion:

  • You can view Dates Already Booked by clicking the CHECK AVAILABILITY button below.
  • If you're ready to book your date, please complete the CONTRACT INFORMATION below.
  • Questions? Use our convenient online form and email us.
  • Call us directly: 563.495.2000.

If the date is available, we're happy to tentatively hold the date until we receive your deposit. [See below: "Is a deposit required?"]

How soon should I book a date?

As soon as possible! We don't want you to miss out on adding a fun D&K Photo Booth Experience to your event or occasion, so we always encourage early bookings to ensure a date. That being said, "last-minute" requests will always be considered and, if available, we're happy to book your date and time.

How far do you travel?

Up to 150 miles away or a total of 3 hours in travel time from Dubuque. 

Do you communicate in Spanish?

YES! Co-Owner Dayna Webb is bilingual: English AND Spanish.

Is a deposit required?

Each deposit amount will vary, dependent upon the package selected for your event.

How do you accept payment?

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash. Credit Card. Venmo App. PayPal.

What all is included?
  • Equipment delivery + complete set-up + take-down.
  • An on-site Attendant/Specialist to ensure your Photo Booth Experience runs without a glitch!
  • Other optional add-ons like props, red carpet, stanchions can be chosen as well.

Please check out our Pricing Packages (linked with the buttons below) for all of the details. Then, if you have more questions, we're here for you with answers and more information.

What is the minimum amount of space required?

A 10'x15' space, or larger.

Can you accommodate outdoor events?

We are currently not doing outdoor events due to the unpredictability of seasonal weather.

What if I have to cancel?

All cancelations must be in writing and received by D&K Photo Booth at least ninety (90) days prior to the contracted event or the purchaser is fully and completely liable for the entire balance owed. 

In the event of a natural disaster or government shutdown of your event, all deposits will be transferred to a date of your choice within one year of the original, contracted date upon availability.

Is electrical needed?

Yes. We will need one (1) 120V electrical 3-prong outlet rated for at least 10 amps within fifty (50) feet (along a wall) of the set-up area. The circuit must be free of all other connected loads.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. D&K PhotoBooth is fully insured.

Is there a limit to how many photos I can take?

No. All packages come with unlimited photos.

Will I get digital copies of all the photos taken at the event? If so, does it include the customized template, single shot of each picture or both?

All packages include copies of the photos taken the day of the event and will be available within 7 days of the event date.

Do you require a meeting prior to the event?

We prefer a phone call, Zoom, FaceTime, or in-person meeting to ensure:

  • all questions are answered entirely, and
  • we make a great fit for you and your event.
What do your props look like?

We have a large selection of fun props that are appropriate for all types of events, including: bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and corporate events.

Do you charge for traveling?

Any venue within the city of Dubuque is included in the price. Any Venue beyond the Dubuque city limits will be charged 58 cents per mile (not to exceed 150 miles one way).

How do I know what booth is best for me?

This is best discussed via a meeting (as listed above). Due to each event and customer needs, we're happy to make recommendations.

Are props free?

Yes! These are included in all packages!

What takes the pictures?

Our high-quality DSLR cameras.

Can I see myself before taking the pictures?

FUN FACT: Our booths are REAL mirrors so you can actually see your own reflection prior to your "photo shoot." So ... if you need to fix your lipstick or hair prior, you can!

Is the booth open-air or closed?

You might have this mental image of the old-school booths you find at a shopping mall: a box that you step into and it snaps a few photos for you. Our booths are open-air. No enclosures/walls. With most packages, we do offer backdrops as well. (See our pricing options.)

Do you charge an hourly overtime rate?

Overtime Fee (any additional hours): $150 per hour.

Is the delivery, set up and takedown part of the price?

Yes. Delivery + set-up + takedown are included in all packages.

How long does it take to set up?

It takes 1-2 hours to set up and test our equipment. [This is included with the price of the package selected and does not affect your event rental time.]